Aberffraw Biscuit Co

A taste of history... luxury all-butter shortbread said to be Britain's oldest biscuit

ABCR01 - Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits 205g box

Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits, 180g box

Luxury all-butter shortbread said to be Britain's oldest biscuit.

ABCR05 - Bara Brith Aberffraw Biscuits 205g box

Bara Brith Aberffraw Biscuits, 180g box

A take on a Welsh classic... made with raisins, spices and tea.

Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits - luxury tube

Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits, 210g tube

Our award-winning Traditional Aberffraw biscuits presented in a luxury tube.

ABCR02 - Lemon Aberffraw Biscuits 205g box

Lemon Aberffraw Biscuits, 180g box

Stunning all-butter shortbread made with lemon zest and juice.

ABCR06 - Ginger Aberffraw Biscuits 205g box

Ginger Aberffraw Biscuits, 180g box

Fiery crystallised ginger added genrously to our award-winning shortbread recipe.

ABCR04 - Chocolate Aberffraw Biscuits 205g box

Chocolate Aberffraw Biscuits, 180g box

Indulgent all-butter shortbread with dark chocolate chips.

Traditional Aberffraw Twin-pack

Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits, 36g twin-pack

Great Taste Award-winning Traditonal Aberffraw Biscuits in twins for foodservice.

About Britain’s oldest biscuit…

Legend has it that centuries ago a Welsh king was holding court in Aberffraw (pronounced A-ber-fro) on Anglesey, North Wales. His wife was walking on the beach there and, seeing a pretty scallop shell, had a cake baked in its shape.

However, the true origin of the biscuit is the famous Christian pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It is thought that in about the 12th Century, pilgrims began pressing shortbread biscuits with scallop shells collected from their journey.

The range of five flavours has won Great Taste Awards in each of the last five years.

Our luxurious Aberffraw biscuits remain as true as possible to the originals… handmade with quality ingredients and no artificial flavourings or preservatives.